Davis Fine Woodworking has been very fortunate to work with some of the best housing contractors in Maine. For some of our biggest projects to date we have worked alongside these builders providing framing and finish work as a subcontractor. We continue to value current relationships and welcome opportunities to bid on projects for new clients.


DFW has offered one-of-a-kind interior cabinetry since we began in 1995. We have done built-in bookcases, fireplace mantels, built-in cabinet beds, whole kitchens, office cabinets and desks. We really enjoy consulting with each customer to determine how best to create a user-friendly and visually pleasing space in their home.


We began timber-framing in the mid-1990s as an extension of both traditional framing and furniture making. We have used timber-frame design for a variety of projects, including a two-story remodel of a residential home to a storage facility for antique autos complete with hardwood floors and loft living area. Each design is hand drawn and one of a kind with an engineer’s stamp of structural integrity.